001 - Building the cloud without the cloud


Welcome to the first episode of Mind the Cloud, the podcast about the developers and companies using the cloud to create the future.

In this episode we talk with 2 people that are building cloud infrastructure or apps but aren't using the most common IaaS building blocks, namely virtual machines, and decided to run most things on baremetal. We'll try to understand the reasons behind this choice and its trade-offs, regarding cost, performance and even privacy.

The first is Marko Anastasov from Semaphore, they run a hosted continuous integration and delivery service. The second is John-Paul Bader from Wooga Games, which specializes in casual games.

Some interviews were recorded during events, which are pretty noisy environments. I'm working improve this for the next episodes, sorry about that.

Feedback, corrections and suggestions are welcome. Leave them bellow or reach me on @rafaelrosafu or [email protected].

Have fun and Mind the Cloud.

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