Rafael Rosa Fu

I’m Rafael Rosa, I’ve been working with IT since the last millennium (1995) and since 2009 I’ve been working in the hosting and cloud industry.

Even though I started as a software developer, the wind changed and led me to work in product related roles, most of the time working on public IaaS products as product manager. I also participate in software communities, present at events and advise decision makers regarding the cloud market.

Since moving to the dark side I’ve been watching the industry and related fields to figure out what’s coming ahead, and this involves gathering a lot of info (reading, listening, going to events and community meetups, coding) and coming up with educated guesses about the future. I’m planning to share some of these opinions on this site and perhaps record some podcasts along the way.

I have several side projects, 3 podcasts and a community link share:

  • Mind the Cloud - you’re here :), co-hosted with Danilo Sato
  • Grok Podcast - interviews with technologists to bring information for developers in pt-BR. My first podcast, going strong after 4 years, more than 124 episodes, weekly episodes.
  • Geek Out - me and 2 friends talk about geek books, movies, games and the like, sharing tips with our audience, also in pt-BR. Started in January 2015, weekly episodes.
  • Clube Dos Posts - an open “support group” to incentivize developers to write 1 blog post or piece of content per month. It’s still in beta mode, but we have more than 100 participants and 350+ posts. Also in pt-BR.

Originally I’m from São Paulo/Brazil, but right now I live in Montreal/Canada where I work for eNovance, a company specialized in OpenStack, acquired by Red Hat in June 2014.


More info and disclaimers on the about page.