There are lots of podcasts and sites talking about cloud technology out there, but most of them are focused on talking about the vendor side of things, the ones trying to make a buck on developers.

In this podcast I want to talk about the other side, people and companies using the cloud to create the future. I’ll do that by interviewing developers that are working with or migrating to the cloud, I’ll talk about their problems, the advantages, the tools they chose and why they chose them, and I’ll also talk about correlated subjects, like DevOps.

Nobody builds cloud infrastructure and services because it’s fun, because it’s an end in itself, but because it will be used by other people to deliver services, products and experiences that will, hopefully, improve the world.

Mind the cloud, it’s between us and the future.

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The people interviewed were explicitly warned that the recordings would be used on this podcast, I really appreciate their collaboration.