006 - Pedal to the metal at Lightspeed

Hello everybody,

We’re back with the second part of our interview with Mathieu Martin, devtools team lead at Lightspeed, they develop POS (point of sale) software that’s used around the world and handle more than US$9 billion in transactions per year.

In this episode we’ll jump right into the tools they use on the cloud, all the services, the 3rd party softwares and their pros and cons. We also talk about their challenges expanding, the issues with intermittent connections and much more.

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Have fun and Mind the Cloud.

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Lightspeed POS Numbers

  • Process 9B$ a year in transactions
  • Used in 30 countries by over 22 000 customers
  • 270+ employees in 6 cities
  • A total of 65M in VC funding in the last few years


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